Brideview Drama Group present ‘Stolen Child’ by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh and Yvonne Quinn



Humorous yet moving, ‘Stolen Child’ tells the story of a woman adopted at birth who enlists the help of a colourful private detective to search for her mother and uncover the secrets of her family history. What begins as a personal odyssey for Angela Tiernan, to discover the secrets of her family history, soon becomes a fascinating exploration of one of the darkest chapters in the history of modern Ireland.


Angela Emer Peet
Peggy Helen Aherne
Chris Liam Roche
Mick Sean Ahern


Director Jack Aherne
Assistant Director Tomas Roche
Lighting Philip Peet
Sound Emily Aherne
Stage Manager Derbhla Kenny
Set Design Jack Aherne and James Ahern
Costume Assistant Veronica Henley and Rosarii O’Brien
Set Manager  Ted O’Brien
Set Crew Ted O’Brien, Tomas Roche, Gavin Hallahan, Pat Aherne, Derbhla Kenny, John Cullinane, John Aherne, Eoghan Hennessy, William Curley, Ger McGrath, James Clancy, John Baldwin, Michael Maher, John Roche

About The Group

Brideview Drama formed in 1989 and began competing in both the One-Act and Three-Act Festival Circuit in the early 90’s beginning with ‘The Year of the Hiker’ by J.B.Keane. They went from strength to strength, winning the Confined Three-Act All-Ireland in 2005 with ‘Moonshine’ by Jim Nolan. Competing in the Open Section since 2006 they have won a number of festivals and awards, coming close to qualifying for the All-Ireland Final with ‘Pied a Tierre’ in 2010 and with ‘Same Old Moon’ in 2012. However, this is Brideview’s first time ever reaching the Open RTÉ All-Ireland finals in Athlone.